Type 0183 SUCO-Piston pressure switch, body steel, max. 250 V

Model Range: 0183

SUCO - Piston pressure switch, 250 V
Case zinc-plated steel
with changeover contact
with spade terminal

Adjustment ranges
100…300 bar
200...400 bar

M 14x1,5 DIN 6149-3

Overpressure resistance
up to 600 bar

Diaphragm pressure switches with high SUCO - quality standard. Pressure switches with special microswitche as changeover. The switching point is easy adjustable.
High overpressure stability, adjustable hysteresis.

Please choose the seal according to your application:
NBR = Hydraulic / machine oil, turpentine, heating oil, air etc.
EPDM = Hydrogen, acetylene, ozone, brake fluid, etc.
FKM = Hydraulic fluids (HFA, HFB, HFC, HFD), petrol/gasoline etc.
HNBR = Hydraulic oil, machine oil, ester based bio oil

on request

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