Quality Measurement from Saxony

From the beginning on

Our company was founded in 1988 as a service and official calibration company, for pressure and temperature measurement.

Since 1990, the firm was changed into a joint-stock company; we established the systematic development and manufacture of our own products.

With letter and seal

Modern production facilities and a highly motivated staff ensure a high standard of quality. The “Quality Management System for Production and Distribution of Pressure and Temperature Instrumentation with Accessories” is certified since 1994 according to ISO 9001.

Everything Required

Our product range includes mechanical and electronic pressure gauges and thermometers, as well as a comprehensive range of accessories. Sensitive precision devices allow the user to precisely measure the exact degree and millibar to allow safe regulation.


Our products are mainly used in heating, sanitary engineering, plant engineering, the chemical and petrochemical industries, the food and beverage industries, and the involved machinery and equipment.

Working Outside the Box

About 30% of our products are intended for export.

We have representatives in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Romania, Serbia, and Estonia.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Expert advice on equipment selection and measurement issues.

  • Short delivery times due to well-stocked warehouses.

  • Calibration of your instruments of measurement including certificates.

  • Special production according to customer wishes.

  • Low-priced repairs for valuable pressure gauges.

  • Technical assistance and advice on site.

  • Additional guarantees beyond the allotted period of time.

  • Test equipment available for rent.