Type 1005 "Compact" Diaphragm type chemical seal with flange

Model Range: 1005

Diaphragm seal "Compact"
Nominal pressure max. PN 100

Flange body:   stainless steel
Diaphragm:     stainless steel

Measuring ranges
0...1 bar up to 0...100 bar

Process connection
Flange accorgin to DIN 1092-1
Flange according to ANSI B 16.5 (= as type 1006)

Instrument connection
G1/2 female

Diaphragm seals can only be supplied installed on a pressure gauge. It arise costs for installation. 

With your inquiry please send following specifications:
- Measuring range
- Pressure connection (DN 25/50, 1" or 2")
- which pressure gauge shall be used with diaphragm
  (Measuring range, case diameter, material, pressure gauge/pressure transmitter)

on request

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