Type 0414 SUCO-diaphragm pressure switch PLUS Packard MetriPack 280®

Model Range: 0414

SUCO – Pressure switch PLUS 
Diaphragm pressure switches, up to 42 V

Zinc-plated steel (CrVI-free)
with integrated plug Packard MetriPack 280®
and supplementary function

Adjustment ranges:
0,1… 1 bar
0,5… 3 bar
  1...10 bar
10...20 bar
20...50 bar

Connections male thread:
G 1/4
G 1/8
M 10x1 zyl.
M 10x1 keg.
M 12x1,5 zyl.
NPT 1/8

Overpressure saftey up to:
300 bar

Supplementary functions
Resistor                       - Diagnostics function
Varistor                       - Overvoltage protection
NTC thermistor            - Filter monitoring

PTC thermistor, LED, Multifuse, PPTC on request

These diaphragm pressure switches are available with integrated plug and intelligent electronical additional functions. These additional functions extended the possibilities of the mechanical pressure switches with a lot of features.

on request

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