Type 0570 SUCO-Electronic switch, body zinc die-cast, 2 switch points

Model Range: 0570

SUCO Electronic switch
Accuracy 0,5% of full scale

Case zinc die-cast body
Normally open or normally close
Connection G 1/4 female

Adjustable ranges
0...10 bar
0...100 bar
0...400 bar

Indication of circuit status
by 2 LEDs (yellow)

2 Switching points

2 Transistor outputs
1 Analogue output

Overpressure safe
up to 600 bar
(dependend on adjustable range)

Programmable using key-pad on front face

This electronic switch has a ceramic sensor with thick film technology for a high accuracy. Electronic evaluation of switching points permits extremely small or very large hysteresis settings. The switching points can easily set by the user.

Please choise the sealing according to your application:
NBR = Hydraulic / machine oil, turpentine, heating oil, air, etc.
EPDM = Brake fluid, ozone, acetylene, hydrogen etc.
FKM = Hydraulic fluids (HFA, HFB, HFC, HFD), petrol/gasoline etc.

In your inquiry please give neccessary technical specification.
(Selection see data sheet)
- Adjustment range
- Output
- Sealing
- and other important details

on request

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