Type 3812 Contact pressure gauge NS100, all stainless steel, with oil filling, connection back

Model Range: 3812

Pressure gauge with Bourdon tube in high-grade execution
with magnetic snap action or inductive contact
Case stainless steel 1.4301
      up to 1,6 bar = class 1,6
      higher than 1,6 bar = class 1,0
Connection back eccentric

Measuring range
0...1 bar up to 0...1600 bar

G 1/2 B
others on request

Quantity of contacts:
from 1 bar
    each 2 magnetic snap-action and inductive contacts
at 1,6 bar
    2 magnetic snap-action and 3 inductive contacts
higher than 4 bar
    4 magnetic snap-action contacts

Contact pressure gauges with electrical alarm contacts are suitable for controlling or regulating process sequences. The contacts open or close electrical circuits in relation to the position of the pointer on the pressure gauge.

In your inquiry please send us following information:
- Measuring range
- Connection thread
- Kind and quantity of contact
  (Magnetic snap action-/Inductive contact,
  normally open, normally close, changeover)

on request

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