Type 6081, Capsule type pressure gauge NS63, all stainless steel, connection back

Model Range: 6081

Chemical pressure gauge with capsule element according to EN 837-3
Case stainless steel 1.4301
Accuracy 1,6
Connection stainless steel centric back

Measuring range
0...25 mbar up to 0...600 mbar
negative or positive or negative and positive overpressure

G 1/4 B

All stainless steel pressure gauges for the chemical industry with capsule element are manufactured using high quality stainless steel and are therefore suitable for use with aggressive or corrosive gases.
This pressure gauge is also available with silicone oil filling (from range 0...100 mbar).

Price from

€134.00 *

Articlenumber Internal Variant Measuring Ranges (bar) Price
(incl. VAT *)
Standard 0...25 mbar €134.00*
Standard 0...40 mbar €134.00*
Standard 0...60 mbar €134.00*
Standard 0...100 mbar €134.00*
Standard 0...160 mbar €134.00*
Standard 0...250 mbar €134.00*
Standard 0...400 mbar €134.00*
Standard 0...600 mbar €134.00*