Type 4512, Contact pressure gauge with diaphragm NS160, all stainless steel, connection bottom

Model Range: 4512

Contact-pressure gauge with diaphragm in chemical execution
with magnetic snap action or inductive contact
Case stainless steel
Accuracy 1,6 according to EN 837-3
Accuracy 2,5 at range 0...25 bar and 0...100 bar
Connection bottom

Measuring range
0...16 mbar up to 0...250 mbar:
         Flange diam. 160 mm
0...0,4 bar up to 0...40 bar:
         Flange diam. 100 mm
negative or positive as well as negative and positive overpressure

G 1/2 B, SW 22

Quantity of contacts
1 - 4 magnetic snap action or 1-3 inductive contacts
dependend on measuring range

The diaphragm system makes the gauges extensively incentive to vibration or jarring and produces a high level of overpressure protection and actuating force. As a result of that, diaphragm pressure gauges are particularly suitable for connection of electric alarm contacts. Electric alarm contacts open and close circuits in response to the position of the pressure gauge pointer.

This instruments is also available with ester oil filling as model 4612.

Wiht your inquiry please send us following specifications:
- Measuring range
- Connection thread
- with or without filling
- Kind and quantity of contacts
  (Magnetic snap aciton/Indcttive contact, normally open, normally close, changeover)

on request

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